The Zombie Apocalypse and Eventual Capture by Mexican Nationalists

What a dreary Monday. Yet, so typical. One would expect rain on a Monday..

Anyhow, I've felt awfully hatemongerish today and I don't know why. Maybe it was the dream I had:

The dream started with me being handed 3 different things: a large gun (either shotgun or automatic), a handgun, and a knife of some kind. I asked why I was being handed these things, and the answer came from nobody and nowhere at the same time: it was the Zombie Apocalypse. Everyone was killing each other out of mistrust too, so it was every man for himself. The weird part is, if you got killed, you respawned. I was running around in first person, killing everyone threatening to kill me, because the death experienced I could actually feel in my sleep; so every time I was stabbed to death, I felt it. 
After a while of senseless killing, I used my words. I explained how pointless this all was and a few seemed to agree. So myself and the small band I had gathered closed ourselves off in what seemed to be a corporate office in the mexican jungle. There were two doors in this room, and a couple windows. The office was set across from another building as well, but it appeared to be abandoned and completely broken down, posing no threat. The doors in the room were locked and blocked off by things, but the people on the outside learned that we were in the room, and started shooting down the doors. We had eventually killed them off when they broke through, and everything seemed quiet. 
Then i'm looking at a guy standing near the window, and then--- an arrow grows out of his chest! He falls in dismay to the ground. One, two, three more are killed, until it's just me and this other girl in the room. We look at each other, and she books out the door. I follow her, and before we know it, we're outside in the sun, and then running through thick undergrowth for what seemed an eternity. When she finally stopped running, I collapsed from exhaustion. 
There was a crashing through the undergrowth, and I was dragged a short distance to a broken down barn near a river. It was disgusting. There was garbage and children everywhere. I was brought into the barn and thrust into a chair. They were screaming at me in Spanish, and pointing guns in my face. They asked what I was doing in Mexico and asked me why I should live. Even in the dream, I was consciously thankful that I took 4 years of Spanish in High School. I responded in broken words that I should live because I could cook and clean and tend to the children. They backed down, and days passed. I grew fond of the children. A week passed. I cleaned up the camp. I learned they were Mexican Nationalists, planning to overthrow the government for the Zombie Virus outbreak. 

Then, I woke up.


  1. omg. awesome!

    i have repeating zombie dreams, except i'm different people, but i'm in the same house.

    the last zombie dream i had i was in a giant shopping mall and my roommate had suddenly became infected and i left thinking "huh, i guess i should stock up for the zombpoctalypse".

    see bundy's class came in so handy! there's been a quiet a few things where spanish came in handy. for instance on my midterm in illustration history we had a question that had to do with a building in San Fransico called the Rincon. "What does Rincon stand for?" (CORNER! I REMEMBER THAT!). it was the dumbest question ever....

  2. Amazing, simply amazing man.

    I also have had many a instance where spanish has come in handy. Even though I tested into Spanish 102 up here at GV. Whatever, I'm done with it forever.

    What is the one language you wish you could speak?

    Oh, and yes, I will definitley keep you informed on what Eli Roth is working on.

    And 8mm means 8 milimeter, and is a type of film stock. It's very low grade, very grainy, and is what his Thanksgiving trailer was shot in for Grindhouse.