Sorry about the delay. I know it's been a while.

I made it through my first two days of classes. It seems like there is a lot of lecture... and forced group work, but the two are never mixed. It's one, or the other. I think I'll make it. My classes are mainly similar, except for math, which, as of yet, seems to be an accomplishable feat (on the thrid try). I have a lot of readings assigned, and the text is highly interesting. I'm in love with my Interpersonal Communication major, and love my class that encompasses it. I also am considering taking on a Marketing minor, and the classes I'm enrolled in provide a lot of promise, providing good feelings toward a future goal of working for the Rocky Patel cigar company as a representative. I'm feeling very positive towards this semester, and hope things work out: I only need to never miss any class and stay on top of the readings. Happily enough, I have enough tobacco and time to attrite my way through it. Here's for the best!

OH! This weekend I'm heading to the highly anticipated, long awaited, intensely thought of, Columbus Pipe Show. We leave friday morning around 4a... so I'll be missing two classes. I should've sent an email to my professors by now, but it doesn't make much difference, I'll see them tomorrow morning, and one class isn't mandatory (even though I'm slightly ashamed of myself to be missing it). However, I can't wait to go. My company will entail Andy and Russ Cook, pipemaker extraordinaire. I hope he has my pipe for making his website finished... Anyhow, we'll be making a trip downstate to carpool with another fella, and then we head into the thicks of Ohio to meet with other folks at an ACTUAL pipe shop. I'm stoked about that as well. I wish my birthday were earlier, so I would have some more money to take down. I want to stock up on tobacco (I don't think I need any more pipes, 3 are being repaired, one made, and one is waiting for $50 to be received) as the FDA and American interests are highly anti-smoke, and I fear it will soon be illegal in public, and later in the home.

The OCPS (Order of Collegiate Pipe Smokers) is about to take flight. Andy, Luke, and myself need to do a once-over on the constitution and hand it into the RSO office so it can be approved and we can be recognized. Our first meeting will be in mid-September, so it's coming up quick and I fear we may not have the constitution approved in time. Our fearless president Andy says we are going to have the meeting regardless, but I fear we may be the only three there and will have nothing to speak of. I want to bring something educational to the club... and have high hopes for what it could be. I need to get some chalk so I can get some awareness going on for the post-approval, should it be a feasible RSO in the eyes of folks who are health-conscious and powerful. Dave has offered Smokers Club as the official sponsor, and we will be holding our club there. It was awful kind of him. The only stipulation is that he is able to drop in from time to time, and that is totally acceptable in my opinion. If you ever read this Dave, thank you.

Until next time. Cheers!



sorry i've waited so long to post a post. i've been super busy with work. please take my excuse, it's all i've got. i'll be further winded in future posts.