Today I Was Damned To Hell.

The 'beloved' Soulwinners are back on what seems the best two days that this year has had to offer. The past 2+ years they have gathered, preaching the Old Testament and telling people they're going to hell for not heeding the almighty God. People who supported gays--damned to hell. People who had sex before marriage-- damned to hell. People who do not attend church every Sunday-- damned to hell. The lady even damned CMU to hell after somebody yelled that CMU supports gays and lesbians. I believe, at one point, the Soulwinners told people that everyone who has died from a disease or in a national disaster were sinners and are in hell. "Only those who aren't Christlike obtain diseases." (according to the all knowledgeable God-talker-with-ers) One kid piped up and asked about his little cousin who was 2 and was diagnosed with cancer recently. The lady replied simply, "Tell her to repent." She's 2!! How does somebody who is 2 repent for their sins? The crowd of gawkers was in an uproar. At one point, the people gathered so closely and the debate so hot that they pushed their way out of the crowd and left because it was getting out of control. Every year they come, I get mad. Who are they to damn me to hell without even knowing me? I mean, I'm sure I've already paved a nice path downwards, but why go about damning people to hell. Why. I've never known anything that separates people as greatly as Religion does. 

Is it just me, or is Religion absoultely insufferable?


  1. Huh. Honestly I thought you were a man o' the faith, well not to the extreme of the people on your campus.

    They should come here, they'd probably pass out from yelling at all of us hardcore sinners :D

    Honestly, i've never really been a religious person, i just kinda hang back and watch it all. i pick and choose from different faiths to form the "Annalician faith". so far it's not so bad :)

    but yes, i find that religion is one of those topics that seem to cause a hubbub. and politics don't even get me started. my family is completely torn apart because of those two topics. i'm afraid my grandfather is going to disown me because i think different.

    so usually i just skate over those topics, i've got better things to argue about.... like paint... :)

  2. I completely agree.

    I actually gave up faith or religion or what have you when I came to college. I took a few history classes and realized all the turbulence, hypocrisy, and death it brought to so many people... and I just couldn't put all my eggs in that basket. Since then, I've lived for myself, and things have been what I have made them, and I'm totally fine with it.

  3. well that's just interesting!
    in some aspects it is sad you lost your faith :/
    at college i've seemed to find a little bit more respect for religion. one of my friends kinda showed me that there aren't hypocritical followers. so i respect her for that.

    she even got me to go to church for the first time in my life (not including weddings funerals and choir concerts). which was actually an interesting experience. the church we were originally going to looked shifty and no one was there (since this is detroit, and the building looks like that, generally a bad idea). so we ended up going to a church that was down the street.
    it was a baptist church.
    they had a band and the crazy singing choir and the priest dude who did the singing voice thing and the whole "AAMMEEENNN!" thing. almost like the blues brothers. except no dancing. we were 4 of the 7 white people there. it was a 3 hour long service and we snuck out and early and everyone noticed :/.

  4. Shit!! That's nuts... definitely an experience. I can't say I've ever been to a Bapist Church before, so I can only imagine..

    The only thing I regret about being Religious in High School is how much it held me back. I based my life around the belief structure of Christianity. And no, it's not all a bad thing, but it held me back quite a bit. Above all, nobody ever really introduced doubt into my life. I never knew anything BUT Christianity. And really, after I gave it up, I started living for myself, and I've loved it. I don't have anything to be dependent on or put the blame on except myself, and I feel like I've grown so much stronger as a person.

    As far as giving respect goes, I still have respect for the people who believe in it (hell, I was there once to), but something I try to bring into the equation is a twinkling of doubt, because that's something nobody ever did for me. I guess in that sense I'm pretty bitter when it comes to Religion in general.. I don't want people to believe in God just because there are no other options. That was the way for me for 17 years. The light of day shined through when I took off the blindfold of ignorance.