Smoking Cigars Courtesy of Sprunger, and Men in Kilts Playing the Guitar

The smile on our faces is the best example of the time we had. Me and Andy went to the Highland Festival this past Saturday, and if you don't know what it is, it's a Scottish celebration festival. We went with Smokers Club to go vend Cigars and specialty cigarettes without the intention of staying by the table to work, but totally did anyway. Our table was located in the Scotch and Wine tent, and towards the end of the night we SLAYED! We sold so many cigars at gross, festival-inflation prices. Nobody carded me either, so I was tasting wine, doing jello shots, and drinking rum the entire day and night. We worked from 4-12:30 (for the festival... not to mention our 9-3 shift at Smokers Club that morning), and I smoked a lot of cigars and more than a handful of bowls of Michigan Street (that's an aromatic pipe tobacco) in my pipe. I killed the flask of rum I brought too... so all the sin that went into my body that night, coupled with the fact that I hadn't eaten more than a muffin for breakfast and a bukkit-o-fries had me feeling pretty sick at the end of the night.

We actually got to sneak away for a bit when we got there and went to check out some of the vendors. There were swords for less than $50, kilts for sale, and all types of Scottish vends. I was smoking a cigar whilst, and only one guy mentioned 'how rude' it was. I wasn't bothered by his comment, but the fact that he touched me when he said it, and it wasn't a friendly touch. I promptly told him to 'go inside, then'. He then dragged his son out of the sword tent while looking like a complete asshole. It wasn't like I was blowing smoke in his face either. Oh well.

But all in all I had a really good time. We were situated in the alcoholic mainstage area where there was a stage for a band to play and a bunch of drunk folks astumblin', and mainly all of them were really good people, so it was fun to sell to them with bagpipes and guitar in the background the whole night. The people who worked the winery were really cool, too. They ended up (and this wasn't their policy... but they did anyway) selling Deb and Andy some bottles of wine after much tasting and conversing. Deb and Doug were awesome company. We all were able to get away from the Club and just have a great time and awesome conversation. And hey! I even found a few glass ashtrays to take home as souveniers.

I'd do it again, for sure.


Looking Up and The Promise of A Good Time!

Things may be actually turning around for me. Just when I was about to go and re-apply, I got the letter I was waiting for from the Department of Human Services for my Bridge Card. In the wake of my recent Sams Club Membership, it could be good. 

Tomorrow Me and Andy are going to the Highland Festival at Alma College after work. It's a Scottish Festival with traditional food and festivities. Apparently it's a big deal, they have all kinds of professional and serious Scotsmen attend. One of the main reasons I'm going is that Smokers Club is going to have a smoke tent to vend cigars and cigarettes, but i'm also going because it's one hell of an excuse to get out of the house. 

I'll post pictures!


Best Way to Waste Printer Ink and Make Your Living Space Look Good

I was recommended a website from a friend, and it's really turned out to be wholeheartedly worthwile. It's called http://www.blockposters.com/ and there are nearly endless possibilities for what you can do with it. Granted, you can only upload photos to it that are under 1MB, but if you have about an hour to plan it out and a good printer, it proves to be a great touch to any apartment or dorm or whathaveyou. Check out their 'gallery' for ideas! 


You've gotta love well wishing, or, friends who make 'promises' that don't happen, or--Why I finally understand old people who look out their windows.

Don't get me wrong, I love my friends, but, maybe it just seems to me, and perhaps this is selfish, that I go visiting far more often than I am visited. And every time I go to leave I always get the token, "Aw, yeah man, I'm going to come up and visit real soon" deal, and it just never seems to happen. Maybe that's just the way that friends from home want to scoot me out the door quicker, or they are just scared they will come off the wrong way or something, but since college I've only found a handful (this handful being like, 2 or 3 people) that actually follow through with what they say they are going to do, and don't bullshit things. For that, I'm appreciative, but I don't mean to discredit the more than 10 friends and family that just never seem to follow through with shit, because they're good folk. Honest. And hell, maybe it just happens that legit plans fall through at the last minute for everyone, but god damn it happens a lot--- and in the week where I finally understand why old people sit out on their front lawns and look at traffic or are creepy and just look out their windows at passers or small animals because there isn't ANYTHING on tv worth watching or anyone to talk to, that I really wish I had a visitor. I got a lot of stuff done this week, yet there was a lot of time, like now, that I'm not doing shit, and would love to have someone to chill with. 

Every so often someone enters the store and just doesn't leave, and continues talking much longer after they get what they want about their personal life that you don't care about, and when they leave, you look at any nearby coworker who was subjected to such dead-endery and give them a look that can only be explained as a "well... okay" by opening your eyes wider, raising your eyebrows, and giving a thoughtful "wtf" frown. I finally understand these people, who browse about in a store much longer than needed so they might be around something interesting to make their day feel worthwhile when they lay down to bed at night. 

I suppose the moral of this story is that I would like to put myself out there far enough to meet some quality people who are willing to put forth enough effort and time in order to necessitate a small refund in the form of a good time. ---i.e., people who can pry away from their lives just long enough to do something as petty as hanging out with someone who actually cares. ---i.e., someone who gives a fuck.


My feet hurt

I walked everywhere today. The only redeeming fact about walking 2 and a half hours home is well, a few things. I signed up for a bridge card, I bought "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" with an extra disc full of special features, and I got a bike that needs a touch of air in the tires. Otherwise, it was a lot of walking and sunlight. But by FAR the most wonderful thing about the day would by any other means be the most overlooked. It was dinner. I hadn't eaten anything solid all day, and this simple fried hamburger and onions was absolutely delicious. The biggest downfall about living in the apartment is that I can't go home for the summer due to lack of car, getting around is tough, and this whole week the most company I have is Food Network (not that i'm complaining, but Guy Fieri can't talk back). I'll manage though. I see it as some time off from the world until the work I am doing sets itself up. And besides, I get to watch good movies all week. 


This Thursday

I officially move into my apartment and start life independently. I'll be living in Mt. Pleasant all summer, and it has promise to be great. I'll continue working at Smokers Club as well. I'm very excited. We've got three guys living in a 5 room townhouse. My goal for the summer is to save up enough money to pay off my apartment and enough money to buy a car and put it on the road. Here's to everything going well!