I Made A Website, or, I Got A Second Job

Lately things have been pretty normal, but i'm totally cool with it. I've been working at Smokers Club plenty and I finally got around to talking with Russ about making his website. Russ is a local pipe maker, and has been looking for someone to make him a site with all his pipes on it for quite some time because he actually hired someone to do it last year and the guy was a duche. So we got together, brainstormed much less than we drank, and got him registered on GoDaddy. He gave me free reign to use whatever I could to bring together everything he stood for in website form, all while putting his pipes on. It took the better part of a week, but I got it done. He is going to pay me not in money, but in pipes. I'm getting a pickaxe! If you want to check out the site, go to http://www.pipesbyrusscook.com. It's pretty neat.

I also recently picked up a job at a 50's drive-in kinda place. It's called 'Jon's Country Burgers'. They specialize in FUCKING AWESOME FOOD FOR CHEAP AS SHIT. Not to mention my boss is pretty cool. I have grown to like working there more and more. I got a paycheck today. $200 for 30 hours of slave labor. Not bad. 200 for 6 days labor? Hey, it pays the bills...

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